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Fun & Adventure Programs

Our ‘Fun and Adventure’ team experiences are a great way to get your team outdoors and working together in a fun and engaging environment!

These team experiences are great ways to;

  • Reward and recognise your staff for a job well done!
  • To incorporate into your conference after you’ve done all the ‘business stuff’
  • To begin the team building and development process in a non-threatening way

So depending on how adventurous your team is, choose one of the following experiences for your team!


Race Around Radelaide

Based on the popular Amazing Race television show, our Race Around Radelaide program will have your team racing against other teams… Read more


Multi – Challenge Mission

As the special projects team of the organisation, your team has been assigned a classified assignment. You must locate the… Read more


Pushing Your Limits High Ropes Adventure

It’s not often that you get to get out of comfort zone and have fun at the same time. But by undertaking our High Ropes adventure… Read more


Survive and Arrive

A program designed to challenge your team’s ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively if you are to find your way back to HQ from… Read more



Choose your mode of transport – foot, bike, car or kayak! Orienteering programs are designed for all levels of skill, ability and fitness… Read more


Climb and Wine Adventure

You’ll be playing with ropes and climbing wires in the morning and then blending an award winning wine in the afternoon…all in the beautiful… Read more


Mini Golf Course Build Challenge

Working in teams, each team must use creativity, innovation and team work to build a functional mini golf hole. Using all types of… Read more


Geocaching Adventure

Your mission is complicated as the hidden treasure is at a secret location and can only be found by locating a series of caches… Read more


The Pipeline Project

Your organisation has an opportunity to tender for a lucrative project – The Power Pipeline. The tender process involves you building… Read more


Christmas Team Building

Looking for something different to do with your team for Christmas rather than just the same old dinner and drinks? How about some… Read more