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We assume you are here because you are awesome and being awesome, you do awesome things for your team, right?

Like planning this year’s Christmas staff show!

Lucky you’re here then, because the team will love you for booking one of these awesome Christmas team experience below…..hit any ‘Enquire Now’ button and we’ll do the rest!


Santa Search and Rescue

BREAKING NEWS…….Santa has gone missing!!

There has been a terrible accident. While on his travels to deliver presents to all the children, Santa has crash landed in the forest.
Santa was last seen flying over this area and his last words were ‘HO, HO, HO, Oh No…!’ and then he disappeared out of sight.
Your team has been sent in as the rescue team to find and rescue Santa so he can continue to deliver the children’s Christmas presents.

Your mission will not be an easy one as you will be faced with a number of complex challenges along the way.

Time is against you as you do not know what condition Santa is in – you must find him quickly!

Good luck!

Event Details


Kuitpo Forest (Adelaide Hills)

Rescue team numbers required

Min of 6 and max of 30

Search Time

3 hours

Other Details

Your team will be walking a distance of up to 5km during the search. Team challenges are not physically intensive. A reasonable level of fitness is required.


The Reindeer Regatta

Being selected as one of Santa’s reindeer isn’t easy…and only a select few make it through. Santa chooses only the best of the best.
He has decided to hold a Reindeer Regatta this year to test out which Reindeer’s have the team work ethic and skills required to get the job done.
Your task as the Reindeer team is to build the best sleigh possible that will be raced against the other teams.
Can your team get the job done?

Event Details


The beach, lake or where there is any decent body of water

Reindeers Required

Min 12 – Max 100 +

Regatta Time

3 hours

Other Details

Your team will be building ‘Sleighs’ and paddling them on the water or pulling them across land.


Christmas Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Using GPS technology and effective team work, you must locate the mysterious hidden Christmas treasure!
Your mission is complicated as the hidden treasure is at a far away location and can only be found by locating a series of caches. In each cache you will find clues that must be deciphered to reveal your next waypoint location.
To find your treasure you may have to walk, cycle, kayak or even rock climb! We customise the event to suit your requirements.
Your mission may take you on a journey through time and history or through the deep dark forest or National Park. You may even need to take an adventure out onto the ocean to retrieve your treasure!
Are you and your team up for the challenge?

Event Details


This event can be run anywhere

Rescue team numbers required

Min 6 – Max 100 +

Hunting Time

3 hours

Other Details

You will need a smart phone to download our FREE app to undertake the Treasure Hunt