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The Reindeer Regatta

Santa’s Reindeer have been working to make it through the recruitment process. Santa wants only the best of the best Reindeer to make it and drive his sleigh this Christmas!


He has decided to hold a Reindeer Regatta this year to test out which Reindeer’s have the team work ethic and skills required to get the job.


Your task as the reindeer team is to build a sleigh that can be pulled either over land and/or through the water.


Can your team get the job done?reindeer


Experience Outcome

From this experience, your team will learn to;

  • Work collaboratively in an intensive problem solving environment
  • Deliver on requirements
  • Work under pressure and adapt to change


Group Size

Min 6 – Max 100



2.5 – 3 hrs



Any suitable large outdoor location

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