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Geocaching Adventure!

Welcome  to your next team adventure,  Geocaching!

Using GPS technology and effective team work, you must locate the mysterious hidden treasure!


Your mission is complicated as the hidden treasure is at a secret location and can only be found by locating a series of caches. In each cache you will find clues that must be deciphered to reveal your next waypoint location.


To find your treasure you may have to walk, drive, cycle, kayak or even rock climb! We customise the event to suit your requirements.


Your mission may take you on a journey through time and history or through the deep dark forest or National Park. You may even need to take an adventure out onto the ocean to retrieve your treasure!
Are you and your team up for the challenge?


How it works

Teams will be given an event brief and then sent off to find the Treasure.

As they find caches and complete challenges, they are given further instructions allowing them to find further clues.

The treasure hunt must be completed within the required time frame, with the winning team being the one to find the treasure first!


Being successful in your mission

For your team to be successful in its mission to find the hidden treasure, it will have to;
• Learn and apply new skills and knowledge
• Communicate effectively
• Work interdependently and collaboratively as a team
• Interpret information and problem solve


Group SizeP1040937

Minimum 6 – Maximum 100 +



Half Day or Full Day



Anywhere! Our preference is to take you on your hunt through National Parks and Forests, however we can design this experience to be run at a location to suit.

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