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Pushing Your Limits – High Ropes Adventure

‘Pushing your Limits’ High Ropes Adventure!


It’s not often that you get to get out of comfort zone and have fun at the same time. But by undertaking our High Ropes adventure course, you will do just that! Can you imagine the sense of achievement after you’ve climbed up on to a wire 10m above the ground, walked across it and are then lowered to the ground by your team mate…awesome!


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Check out this video to see the program in action!


“Extremely satisfying experience in conquering my fear of heights”

- Optus

“As a team they could overcome tasks that as an individual seemed impossible. Learning that everyone needs to do the role for the team to succeed”

- Horsham Saints Football and Netball Club

What will have your team have achieved from this experience?

  • More confidence in yourself and others
  • A greater awareness of how you can so beyond your limiting beliefs
  • A greater level of trust in yourself and your team mates

What group size can undertake this experience?

  • Minimum 6 – Maximum 30

How long is the experience?

  • Half Day (4 element activities) 3 – 4 hours      Full Day (8 element activities) 6 hrs

Where is it located?



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