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Team Initiatives

Our team initiatives and scenarios are designed specifically around the required outcomes of your learning needs.

We collaborate closely with your organisation to determine what senarios would best ‘fit’ your needs and ‘incorporate’ a customised experiential program that will effectively deliver these outcomes.

Some of the intiatives on offer include;

  • The Helium Stick

Try to get your team to lower the helium stick to the ground. Although it sounds straight forward, its not quite so easy!

  • Magic Carpets

Use the magic carpets to get your team to safety!

  • The Pipeline Project

Your team must build a cost effective sustainable transport pipeline

  • The Dash for Cash

Teams compete against one another and complete challenges to earn enough cash to complete the final stage.

  • Beach Olympics

Which team will get to stand on top of the podium? Get your shoes off, put on the sunscreen and go for gold!!

  • Turn over a new leaf

Your team must turn over the leaf twice whilst standing on it!

These are just a selection of the activities and scenarios that we can offer. Contact us to find out more.

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