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A little bit about us

Traction Teambuilding is a South Australian based business (operating nationally) founded in 2011 by Tom Trewartha

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Tom took his hands-on experience in training and development along with his formal qualifications in Human Resource Management and Tourism, and started Traction Teambuilding.

Through leading university groups through outdoor Leadership experiences, he recognised the power that experiential learning has in facilitating behavioural change.

And this is the focus of Traction Teambuilding’s programs – high end activity based team building programs that provide team behavioural feedback and facilitate behavioural change.

Since 2011, Traction Teambuilding has delivered team building experiences for hundreds of teams and organisations (big and small) across all industries, to help them improve their team dynamics and performance.

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Why do we exist?

We believe that we all have the right to work in an environment that is safe, open, honest, productive and positive.

We also believe that each and every one of us are responsible in creating this environment. However, sometimes, as well intended as we are, we don’t have the skills, knowledge or insight to know to how to contribute to and create this.

This is where team building comes in!

We believe that team experiences that are structured and delivered well, provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to better understand themselves and others. This insight then allows people the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

We are driven by our Values of…

This is our benchmark in everything we do.
Fun and celebrating success is a daily habit.
We respect everything and everyone.
Awesome Customer Service
Going above and beyond is our norm.

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