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Trust and the Customer Experience

The Customer Experience is important for many different reasons, however creating a positive experience requires complex analysis of all facets of your business, so where to start? Trust! For consumers to commit to a purchase or transaction they first need to feel confident in the product or service and trust the brand behind it. Building […]

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Pushing Your Limits – lessons from the cliff!

The team from the Red Bull ‘Wings’ team engaged us to take them through our ‘Pushing Your Limits‘ program as they felt it tied in directly with their high energy brand. The program involved them abseiling and rock climbing. After fitting their harnesses and helmets, it was time to brief the team on why they […]

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Steal the spotlight with an AWESOME Customer Experience.

Customer experience is the same as customer service, right? In fact this isn’t true and a common misinterpretation that could see your competitors leave you for dead. Forrester Research defines customer experience as ‘how customers perceive their interactions with your company.’ Meaning the entire interaction with your company or business is taken into account, from […]

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Do you want increased productivity and stronger results in your workplace?

Greater output, productivity and results in the workplace are achieved through individuals and teams who have the right skills, understand each other and who have strong relationships. As humans, we all have different needs, wants and motivation. These differences cause challenges within organisations that directly impact on the bottom line. Team building – an engaging, […]

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Exciting announcement…..our new website is up!

We’ve been busily working away redeveloping our website for you. Updates include better functionality, better responsiveness, clearer messaging and a cleaner look and feel. Our website is a major artery to our business, one that needs to be ‘fit for business’. We would love your feedback, specifically around the clarity of the message, ie. is […]

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