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Why is your team so unhappy?

At the heart of an organisation’s success is a great leader who knows how to steer, motivate and push the team to the right direction. Without a good team to direct, however, the leader, no matter how great, is stuck. Leadership and teamwork, therefore, are two aspects of business that need to work hand in […]

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Building strong internal customer relationships.

In our latest newsletter we started to discuss the differences between internal and external customers. There is a lot of focus on providing exceptional customer service and experiences for the external customer, but what about the internal? Internal customers are people who make up the other departments that work inside or parallel to your business. […]

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Leadership Likeability and the Power of Positivity.

The landscape of leadership has changed a lot over the years. Gone are the days that it’s acceptable for a leader to bark orders and command respect based on job title. Leading with fear is also a concept proven to be extremely ineffective in producing desired results. When a leader isn’t respected by their team […]

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What is a Team Development Strategy and why you need one!

What is a Team Development Strategy? Like any good plan, a Team Development Strategy is a road map that identifies and records how you are going to improve your team’s performance to get outstanding results in 2018 and beyond! It is an assessment of how your team perceives it is currently performing, challenges it needs […]

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Trust and the Customer Experience

The Customer Experience is important for many different reasons, however creating a positive experience requires complex analysis of all facets of your business, so where to start? Trust! For consumers to commit to a purchase or transaction they first need to feel confident in the product or service and trust the brand behind it. Building […]

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Pushing Your Limits – lessons from the cliff!

The team from the Red Bull ‘Wings’ team engaged us to take them through our ‘Pushing Your Limits‘ program as they felt it tied in directly with their high energy brand. The program involved them abseiling and rock climbing. After fitting their harnesses and helmets, it was time to brief the team on why they […]

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