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Team work and the 2013 America’s Cup

 The America’s Cup – how team work made the impossible possible! The Kiwis didn’t see it it coming. 8 -1 in front going into what they thought was the final race to take out the elusive America’s Cup, they had it in the bag! Or did they? It turns that the bag could not carry […]

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Team Building or Team Development?

Does your team need team building or team development? Is there a difference? What is the difference?Our ‘team building’ programs are generally one off, stand alone programs that we deliver for clients who want to reward their staff for their efforts. They may be may be having a conference and want to mix up the […]

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Tour de ‘Me’ or Tour de ‘Team’?

Weather you are a cycling fan or not, the Tour de France is an inspiring event to follow. Watching these super athletes ride hundreds of km day after day, climbing mountains and averaging speeds of 40 – 60km per hour is amazing. Complemented by some of the most spectacular scenery and historical relics around, it […]

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Our new High Ropes Adventure Course is open for business

In today’s economic climate, organisations need to be more competitive and unique in their product and service offering in ensuring sustainability and growth. This activity does exactly this! High Ropes Challenge Objective As individuals accomplish tasks such as the ‘Postman’s Walk’, ‘Burma Bridge’, the ‘Leap of Faith’ and more, this program involves all hands on […]

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Pushing Your Limits – lessons from the cliff!

The team from the Red Bull ‘Wings’ team engaged us to take them through our ‘Pushing Your Limits‘ program as they felt it tied in directly with their high energy brand. The program involved them abseiling and rock climbing. After fitting their harnesses and helmets, it was time to brief the team on why they […]

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Why should you invest your time and money in team building?!

Why should your organisation invest in team building? Quite simply, greater output, productivity and results in the workplace are achieved through individuals and teams who have the right skills, understand each other and who have strong relationships. As humans, we all have different needs, wants and motivation. These differences cause challenges within organisations that directly […]

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