Awesome Customer Service

How to deliver Customer Service that goes above and beyond, as a minimum

Awesome Customer Service

Delivering exceptional Customer Service is critical if you are to differentiate yourselves from your competitors – it is one of the last competitive advantages.

Our 3 month intensive Customer Service process will set a new benchmark for your business, a benchmark that will see your clients become raving fans and customers for life.

Who is this program for?

For organisations who are serious and committed to delivering awesome customer service to change and grow their business.

What does the program look like?

  • Customer Service standards, results and feedback

    Week 1

    This first stage is where we dig in deep and analyse how your current Customer Service delivery is impacting on business.

    We look at the key areas of;


    • Your CS Brand
    • Policy and Procedures – are they effective or inhibiting your ability to deliver great service
    • Your people
    • Feedback – what are your customers saying?
    • Your Playbook – setting your Customer Service game plan
  • Customer Service 101 Workshop

    Week 3

    A 4 hour workshop where we get back to the foundations of understanding what great Customer Service is and implementing your plan

    At this stage we look at;


    • The impact and value of great Customer Service
    • Who is your Customer and what do they REALLY want
    • Understanding what you really do and why you exist
    • How to quickly and positively impact your Customer
    • How to turn your customers in to raving fans!
  • Next Level Customer Experience Workshops

    Weeks 7 & 9

    These workshops will get into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to deliver Awesome Customer Service.

    Areas and topics we focus on are determined by your needs but focus on;


    • Self awareness and having an authentic Customer Service mindset
    • Social cues and reading the Customer
    • The importance of monitoring and measuring your customer’s journey


    And more…..

  • Accountability Coaching and Support Sessions

    Weeks 5, 9 and 12

    These sessions are designed to guide and support your learning and to keep you accountable to implementing the new knowledge, skills and strategies learned.


    These sessions are one hour in duration.

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