Building Healthy and High Performing Teams

Building teams that consistently perform and achieve awesome results!

High Performing Teams

Understanding why you are here will go a long way to understanding what particular program is best suited to your team.

Ask yourself the following;

What are the key challenges that the team is having right now that is impacting on their performance and making life hard for everyone?

What would be the ideal result that I would want for the team from undertaking a team development program?

Once you’ve got some clarity around the answers to these questions, let’s look at our approach to developing teams.

Our 3 month intensive process is structured to equip you and your team with new skills and knowledge and most importantly, an implementation process that ensures action, accountability and actual behavioural change.

Who is this program for?

Those who are part of a group or team who work together to achieve results,
who are committed, coachable and accountable

What does the program look like?

  • Team Health Check and Development Strategy

    Week 1

    To understand where your team is at, team members perceptions of current performance and the direction that team needs to head, is a critical first step.

    At this stage you and your team will undertake;


    • A Team Health Check
    • A Team Development Strategy


    This will set the framework and goal posts for the rest of the process.

  • Team Foundations Workshop

    Week 3

    A 4 hour workshop where we get back to the foundations of understanding what great teams and team work looks like.

    At this stage we look at;


    • The characteristics of high performing teams
    • The stages of team development
    • An experiential team activity scenario and debrief
    • Next steps action plan to build our High Performance team
  • Team Development Workshops

    Weeks 7 & 9

    These workshops drill down deeper into the key areas of building a high performance team.

    Areas and topics we focus on are determined by your needs but focus on;


    • EQ and Self awareness Communication and skilful conversations
    • Being skilful with feedback
    • How to have difficult conversations
    • Performance management and influencing others


    and more…..

  • Accountability Coaching and Support Sessions

    Weeks 5, 9 and 12

    These sessions are designed to guide and support your learning and to keep you accountable to implementing the new knowledge, skills and strategies learned.


    These sessions are one hour in duration.

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