M.I Leadership

Motivational and Influential Leadership

Become an awesome Leader that can motivate and influence others to achieve more and get better results

M.I. LeadershipGrowing and developing your Leadership skills is not easy. It takes self awareness, courage and an ability to navigate human beings.

The good news is that we all have some level of Leadership awesomeness locked away in us and all it needs is the right buttons to be pushed, lights turned on and action applied to take our Leadership influence and abilities to the next level!

Our M.I. Leadership Program is a 3 month intensive program that incorporates experiential workshops and an extensive coaching support structure that ensures that you are accountable and implement new knowledge.

Who is this program for?

Those who lead people, groups or teams or anyone who is looking to move into a Leadership position

Individuals who are committed, coachable and accountable

What does the program look like?

  • Leadership Growth Plan (LGP)

    Week 1

    We set the goal posts and draw the road map to your Leadership Development journey.


    • Online Leadership Assessment undertaken
    • 1 hour follow up exploration session


    The Result?


    A clear and concise plan of your current Leadership strengths and areas for improvement, an understanding of what sort of Leader you want to become (your Leadership brand) and an outline of next steps to make it happen.

  • Leadership Foundations Workshop

    Week 3

    A 3 hour workshop that builds on Stage 1 by giving participants an understanding of;


    • The definition of Leadership
    • The Leadership Mind Set
    • Leadership Styles
    • Characteristics of great Leaders
    • Situational Leadership
    • Leadership and EQ
    • Leadership v Management


    and more…..

  • Leadership Development Workshops

    Weeks 7 & 9

    Ongoing 2 – 3 hour group workshops that are sequenced to build on Stage 2 with a more in depth look into relevant Leadership topics, such as;


    • Performance Management
    • Building resilience in others
    • Empowering and motivating others
    • Leading Change in self and others
    • Leading difficult conversations


    …and more

  • Accountability Coaching and Support Sessions

    Weeks 5, 9 and 12

    These sessions are designed to guide and support your learning and to keep you accountable to implementing the new knowledge, skills and strategies learned.


    These sessions are one hour in duration.

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