Tom Trewartha

Building healthy team relationships is Tom’s passion.

Tom Trewartha - Owner Traction TeambuildingAfter an adventurous start to post school life, he went to China to teach English in a Military University (and yes, they wore Military uniforms and marched in the Square!). This is where his love of teaching and developing others started.
It was then years of working as a manager, managing teams in the hospitality and retail industries. Both very fast paced industries, he required his teams to perform under pressure and he learnt a lot about the importance of building and maintaining healthy team relationships to run a successful outfit.

Then the travel bug took hold again and Tom lived and worked in the UK and then took time to explore Europe.
Feeling the need to formalise his skills, he returned to Uni and studied a double degree, including a Bachelor of Human Resource Management as well as a Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

From here, Traction Teambuilding was born. Through his Tourism degree, he uncovered the power of experiential learning (the use of activity based learning to draw out behaviour) and thought, ‘This is the most powerful and effective way to draw out behavioural awareness in individuals and teams’ and 6 years later here we are.

Having now worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations, including Red Bull, Origin Energy, AMP, KFC and more…he says he must be doing something right and having some impact because these clients keep coming back!