Climb & Wine Adventure

This is the ultimate team adventure…..climbing high ropes followed by team wine blending!

Are you looking for an experience that pushes your team’s comfort zone and then rewards them with wine? Yes? Then this experience is for you!

How does it work?

The morning session – a High Ropes adventure!

Your team will arrive at the High Ropes course, set on 90 acres in Kangarilla, in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, just 40 minutes from the CBD.

You’ll be briefed on the plan for the day and then fitted with all the necessary safety gear (harnesses and helmets) for your high Ropes adventure.

Next, you’ll be shown the ropes and taken through belay school. You’ll learn how to tie the right knots and how to belay your team mates. It’s only after our qualified Team Adventure Gurus can see that you can confidently do this, that we then head onto the course.

Once on the course, your team will be faced with completing the ‘Hanging Vines, Burma Bridge, Flying Fox and Two Tier Line’.

If you still haven’t had enough, you can then make your way up to the more challenging course. To get through this course, you’ll need take on the the ‘Dangle Duo’ and take a ‘Leap of Faith’.

How good is that!

Now it’s time to fire up the taste buds, get your wine blending skills ready, because it’s time to blend a gold medal wine!

The afternoon session – Team Wine Blending

It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get wine blending. Working in teams, you’ll be using your fine wine knowledge to blend a gold medal wine.

But wait, you’re not done yet. Once blended and bottled, you’ll need to come up with and design a creative label and pitch your wine to the rest of the organisation.

Happy Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kangarilla, Adelaide Hills

A reasonable level of fitness and strength is needed as you will be climbing ladders and trees.

This experience starts at approx. $180 + GST per person, with a minimum cost of $1200 + GST.

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