Kayaking Kaos

Imagine this…..your team paddling amongst the beautiful mangroves, when suddenly a dolphin appears underneath their kayaks!

Well, this is what they will be faced with when they undertake our Kayaking Kaos Challenge.

How does it work?

Your group will be briefed on the scenario by our awesome Team Adventure Guru, fitted out with all the safety equipment and fitted into their kayaks.

They’ll then face their first challenge, to take the right resources with them, resources needed to complete their on-water challenges.

Once on the water, they’ll be faced with a number of team challenges that they will be required to complete if they are to be successful in their mission!

Once all challenges are completed, the team will need to return to the start point on time.

Check out this video of a team in action!

Happy Participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Pt Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

A little. Paddling the kayaks will use some muscles you didn’t know you had!

The program starts at $850 + GST for up to 6 people and is then based on approx. $70 + GST per person.

What have other teams said about their Kayaking Kaos experience?

It was great to undertake such a fun team building challenge. The day was perfect and we all laughed a lot. Thanks Tom for being such a great facilitator.

Yorke Peninsula Council LGMA team Yorke Peninsula Council LGMA team

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