Mini Golf Course Challenge

Does your team and organisation have the creativity and innovation to build a working mini-golf course? Because that what you need to do!

How does it work?

For your organisation to build an 18 hole mini golf course using the resources supplied and criteria given for your hole. You will be divided into teams and each team will design and build one hole.

All holes must have a theme, show creativity and incorporate and represent your organisation’s Values.

Once the course has been built, you must demonstrate that it is playable you must present your hole to the organisation.

This experience will test your team’s creativity skills and get it thinking about it’s Values and how to best represent them. And it’s great fun!

Happy Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any large indoor or outdoor area

No, but you’ll need to get your problem creative skills on!

This experience starts at approx. $800 + GST.

Minimum 20 – Max. 150 +

What have other teams said about their Mini Golf Course Challenge?

Great fun in a very different context from the one in which we normally work.


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