A map, compass and some awesome team work is what you’ll to successfully find all the hidden check-points. Oh, and you’ll also need to complete a bunch of team challenges along the way.

Welcome to our Orien-teaming Challenge!

Your objective is to complete an Orienteering course by hiding hidden checkpoints and completing team challenges.

And the best bit? This can be done on foot, bike or kayak!

How does it work?

Your team will be given their ‘team packs’ which will include everything it needs to complete the course. You will then be given a ‘map and compass reading’ brief and sent off to find the checkpoints.

At some checkpoints you will find complex team challenges which must be completed before you can continue on to further checkpoints.

Your team’s success will be determined by it’s ability to quickly learn new skills, ie. use a map and compass, collaborate and demonstrate awesome team work.

The Result…

You and your team will come away from this adventure with a new skill set, a sense of achievement, an understanding of how they and their team mates operate in a challenging environment and of course……they would have had an awesome time!

Happy Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Belair National Park, Kuitpo Forest or any bush and forested area

A reasonable level of fitness as there will be some walking involved.

This experience starts at approx. $800 + GST.

Min. 6 – Max. 100+

What have other teams said about their Orien-teaming experience?

It was a really enjoyable experience which I didn’t think I would enjoy but I was very wrong!

It was a fun experience and helped me and think others to forget the emotional draining nature of our work so thanks. We have used you and always been a good and motivating experience.

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