Santa Search and Rescue

Breaking news…Santa is missing!

There has been a terrible accident. While on his travels to deliver presents to all the children, Santa has crash landed in the forest. His Reindeer have run away and he needs to be found and rescued.

Santa was last seen flying his sleigh about an hour ago and his last words were ‘HO, HO, HO, Oh No…!’ and then he disappeared out of sight.

You are the rescue team who have been sent in to find and rescue Santa so he can continue to deliver the children’s Christmas presents. However your journey will not be an easy one as you will be faced with a number of challenges along the way.

Time is against you as you do not know what condition Santa is in – you must find him quickly!

Can your team find Santa before it’s too late?

How does it work?

You and your team are briefed on Santa’s flight path and where he was last located.

You will then be given some resources to take with on your mission and then you’ll head off to find Santa.

Using your awesome team work skills, your team will make it’s way through the forest while being shadowed by one of Team Adventure Gurus (just in case!).

Good luck…..this is an exciting team challenge, which is not only great fun but will definitely get your team working together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kuitpo Forest

Some level of fitness is recommended as there is some walking involved.

This experience starts at approx. $1200 + GST.

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