Survive and Arrive

Is your team good enough to find it’s way through the bush and make it to ‘safety HQ’ in time….with minimum resources? In other words, can you ‘survive’ this adventure and ‘arrive’ safely? If so, then this experience is definitely one for you and your team!

Your team’s objective is to work it’s way through the forest, complete a number of team challenges and make it to the finish on time.

How does it work?

Your team will be given the location and time to meet. Once it arrives, it will be briefed by one of our friendly Team Adventure Gurus, given a backpack with a few essential resources like a map, compass and rope.

After you have got your bearings, understand where you need to go, you will head off into the unknown! You will be carefully monitored by a Team Adventure Guru as you head through the forest. Along the way you will encounter a number of complex team challenges, challenges that must be completed to gain the necessary information to continue your mission.

It will be awesome teamwork, collaboration, problem solving and the application of new knowledge that will ensure that your team not only succeeds, but also comes away from the experience with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of great team work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kuitpo Forest, Mt Crawford

A reasonable level of fitness as there will be some walking involved.

This experience starts at approx. $1600 + GST.

What have other teams said about their Survive and Arrive experience?

I found it an outstanding way of guiding us to reflect on the current communication and collaboration within our team. The session left us more self aware both individually and as a team. We also had a great time!

West Adelaide Bear Cats Basketball team

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