The Pipeline Project

Can your organisation build a work together to build a functional pipeline capable of delivering ‘goods’, using the resources provided?

Well here is your chance!

Your organisation has an opportunity to tender for a lucrative project – The Power Pipeline. The tender process involves you building and demonstrating a number of self-supporting ‘Power Pipelines’.

How does it work?

You and your team have a choice on what style of pipeline it wants to build, with each choice’s value directly related to how complex the pipeline is to build. While running a budget, you’ll need to buy resources needed to build your pipeline from the ‘store’.

You ultimately need to generate as much profit for your organisation. Profit will be calculated by the number of balls that can be successfully transported through your pipeline into the finishing bucket.
Your team will need to develop a serious strategy and do some effective planning and execution if you are to generate a profit.

Does this sound like something your team is up for? Because if it is, the team will come away from the experience having learnt some serious knowledge and skills around strategic planning, resourcing and execution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any large open area

No, but you’ll need to get your problem solving skills on!

This experience starts at approx. $800 + GST.

Min. 6 – Max. 100+

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