The Reindeer Regatta

Santa’s Reindeer have been working to make it through the recruitment process. Santa wants only the best of the best Reindeer to make it and drive his sleigh this Christmas!

He has decided to hold a Reindeer Regatta this year to put his recruits to the test and find the ‘best of the best!’

You, as the potential reindeer team to be selected by Santa, will be competing against other reindeer teams to build the best sleigh which can be pulled by the best team.

Can your team get the job done?

How does it work?

Your reindeer team will be given the necessary resources to build your awesome sleigh. You will have strict criteria to meet and instructions to follow to building your sleigh.


Once your sleigh has been built, inspected to ensure it meets safety standards, it’s time to get your plan together, a plan that will ensure that you are the first over the race line, beating the other teams.


You and the team will come away from this awesome experience not only realising that you have what it takes to join Santa’s reindeer entourage but also a good level of understanding of the impact that awesome team work has on achieving a result!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any large outdoor location

No…aside from a little running at the end.

This experience starts at approx. $1200 + GST.

Min. 6 – Max. 100 +

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