Pushing Your Limits – lessons from the cliff!

Pushing Your Limits – lessons from the cliff!

The team from the Red Bull ‘Wings’ team engaged us to take them through our ‘Pushing Your Limits‘ program as they felt it tied in directly with their high energy brand. The program involved them abseiling and rock climbing.

After fitting their harnesses and helmets, it was time to brief the team on why they were here and get their thoughts on what behaviours would be most useful if they were to function effectively as a team in ensuring all team members and the team as a a whole, achieved their goals.

As with all of our team building and development programs, the key value for our clients is to ensure the the key messages captured from the behaviours displayed in the abseiling or rock climbing activity are directly linked to those  in the workplace and the implications understood.

Collectively, we identified two key messages to focus on –  problem solving and pushing personal boundaries.

The experience

The team spent the next couple of hours pushing themselves mentally and physically as they took themselves over the edge of the cliff to lower themselves down as well as navigating and climbing vertical cliff faces.

Creating the awareness

Once the team had finished up , it was time to reflect on the experience and see what each team member had identified and learnt about themselves and their team in regard to the  key messages that had been idenitifed.

The team idenitfied the following;

  • Problem Solving

When confronted with a huge (and overwhelming) goal (or cliff face!) it is important to break your goal down into small steps and take each task one step at a time. The achievement of each individual task not only moves you forward towards your greater goal but also builds confidence and momentum which in turn allows you to continue to achieve more.

  • Pushing Personal Boundaries

If we are to grow as individuals and teams and achieve great things, we must be continually ‘pushing our our limits’ and boundaries. We are capable of a lot more than we think we are and are only limited by self belief.

It was fantastic to see members of the Redbull team push themselves on the cliff. When they got stuck, their persistence and self belief payed off and they were able to reach the top (their goal).

Transferring the learning

The team took away some valuable lessons from their learning experience – to be persistent, the ability to solve complex problems and that they can achieve more than they think they can.

By reflecting on this experience, when met with challenges in their professional lives, they are now have teh necessary tools to ‘fix’ and overcome these challenges!

Well done team!

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