Steal the spotlight with an AWESOME Customer Experience.

Steal the spotlight with an AWESOME Customer Experience.

Customer experience is the same as customer service, right? In fact this isn’t true and a common misinterpretation that could see your competitors leave you for dead.

Forrester Research defines customer experience as ‘how customers perceive their interactions with your company.’ Meaning the entire interaction with your company or business is taken into account, from the initial encounter with your brand, products and services right through to after service/sale follow up. Are you providing a valuable, usable and enjoyable experience to all of your customers?

The customer experience you provide is ultimately your point of difference with your competitors. Let’s look at an example of this; John sells men’s suits, he is an expert in his field and has been in business for 40 years. A department store opens across the road selling men’s suits at a lower price and business starts to slow down for John.

John knows his suits are of better quality and worth the higher price tag but how does he convince his customers? Rather than entering a price war John focuses on the experience he provides. His service is personal, he knows you by name, he offers comforts while you wait and offers free repairs on minor faults. John makes each of his customers feel like they are his only customer and he takes careful note of important events so he can deliver well wishing follow ups, keeping John and his suits front of mind for past customers and guaranteeing positive referrals.

It is the overall experience that keeps John in business, even with a large competitor directly across the street. Customers will always remember how their interaction with your products or services made them feel.

Can you clearly define your customers experience? There is a good chance your competitors can! Good customer service is extremely important, providing both great service and an enjoyable experience makes your business a true force to be reckoned with.

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