What is your team’s ‘Team Development Strategy’?

What is your team’s ‘Team Development Strategy’?

What is a Team Development Strategy?

Like any good plan, a Team Development Strategy is a road map that identifies and records how you are going to improve your team’s performance to get outstanding results in 2014 and beyond!
It is an assessment of how your team perceives it is currently performing, challenges it needs to address to improve its performance and a clear plan on how it will move towards higher performance.

How to design a ‘Team Development Strategy’

An effective team development strategy assesses your team’s current performance by recording accurate and honest data. It then uses this data to address key areas of focus for your team to move towards greater productivity and higher performance.

Step 1. Collect the data to identify the team’s perceptions of its current performance

To do this, it is important that ALL team members are involved in the data collection process – this ensures a more accurate assessment of how team members perceive the team’s current performance. With such diversity in teams, there will be many different perceptions on how the team is performing.
To get started, have all team members complete the following questions.
1. How would rate the health and performance of the team on a scale of 1 -10?
2. What are the main obstacles and challenges stopping you from building a healthier and more productive team?     3. What two challenges must be addressed as a priority?

You will be surprised at what is uncovered in the results!

Step 2. Clarify the level of productivity and performance the team wants/needs to operate at.

At what level does the team need to perform at? What does this look like, ie. what measures can you put in place to identify increased productivity and performance? Eg. more sales, less absenteeism

Step 3. Address key challenges and areas of focus that will enable the team to move towards the agreed level of productivity and performance

Now that you have the data, you are in a good position to better understand the areas within the team’s functioning that require further training and development.

Some questions that will help you here are;
1. What two immediate actions can you take to address the key challenges and areas of focus?
2. Do I need to clarify any of the feedback and data received?
3. Do I/we have the resources and expertise to effectively address these?
4. What type of training and development does the team need, i.e. content areas, frequency?

From the data and feedback gathered, make sure you discuss and brain storm ideas with your team, boss, colleagues, experts and others who may be able to help.

Sharing ideas and viewpoints will set up to design and deliver an effective ‘Team Development Program’

With your ‘Team Development Strategy’ in place, you are well set up for a successful 2014.

Good luck!

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