Why Team Training and Development Doesn’t Work!

Why Team Training and Development Doesn’t Work!

How many team development courses and workshops have you been to? And from all the time, energy and money invested, was it worth it? Has anything actually changed in the team?

The typical scenario goes something like this;

You are having challenges within your team and you engage an (expensive) expert who is the guru of building high performance teams to solve your problem.

The workshop goes off and everyone loves it! The content delivered was brilliant. It was an engaging session with plenty of light bulb moments and you and the team came away with the ‘helium’ effect, ie. all pumped ready to make huge changes and completely revolutionise the team and culture of the organisation. And rightly so, as there was real value gained from the workshop and the facilitator knew their stuff!

After the workshop, you and the team get back to work and start implementing what was learnt in the workshop. Communication in the team has improved, there is less conflict and things are looking and feeling in the team are great!

A week goes by, then a month and slowly things get back to normal as the team reverts back to their old (possibly dysfunctional) behaviour. The day to day hustle of work puts the team under stress and team members resort to their ‘natural’ behaviours.

You then wonder what ever happened to all the great momentum and learnings from the awesome team workshop six months ago?

What a waste of time, money, energy and emotion.

Training and development doesn’t work…….unless there is ongoing check-in, review, follow up, coaching and implementation.

There is no silver bullet to behavioural change. It takes time, guidance, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, hard work and commitment.

It doesn’t make sense to spend all that time, effort and money to undertake ‘one off’ training workshops.

To ensure accountability, implementation and ‘real’ behavioural change, make sure you think about how you will ‘grow’ your team and not throw good money down the drain with ‘quick fix’ band-aid solutions.

Grow, don’t train your team.

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